Elder Sadler's Transfer History

Elder Sadler's Transfer History
Elder Sadler's Transfer History

Monday, February 19, 2018

Gotta Blast🚀⛩💸 (Week 75)

What’s happening my party people? Not gonna lie, this past week has been rough. Real cold, investigators falling through, lots of “go home!”s, biking up and down hills, and loving every minute of it. Just another testimony to me that this work is true.
Not much time to write today. We’re making a Costco run up in Kawasaki. I’m excited. The important thing is, I’m still alive and happy. Hope everybody has a great week. 愛しています! 
Elder Sadler
Some sweet shrines/temples we found this week
Another One
And Another

Peponi🏝⛩🏄🏻 (Week 74)

How’s it hanging all my party people!? Another week of miracles here in the amazing land of Japan. It’s been quite the ride and I’m loving every minute of it. This past week wasn’t real busy so we did a lot of finding. And hark the herald angels were singing above us, for behold, many miracles did we see.

This week started off not so usual as we had the opportunity to attend the Alex Boyé and Bless 4 concert in Kichijoji last week. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when the concert began with a opening hymn and prayer, but everything came together quite nicely. We started off with Bless 4 and it basically went straight into a rave party, so it was quite the transition from “Have I done any good in the world today” to “Let’s have a Party”. After Bless 4, Alex Boyé performed and it was awesome. Probably one of the hypest spiritual experiences I have had. There were some great songs performed and some powerful testimony shared. It was really a blessing to be able to attend.

After our party fiasco, it was out to work for the week. We have been going crazy visiting potential investigators, former investigators, current investigators, and everything in between. One big miracle that happens was on Friday night. We biked out to a station that is pretty far out and up the biggest mountain I ever biked in my life to visit a former investigator from several years ago. Despite the freezing temperatures, the beads of sweat were rolling and I thought I saw a glimpse of the end of my life as the fire burning in thighs nearly consumed my entire being. But we decided to do what any good missionaries would do and man up to the top of this Everest. Turns out, he wasn’t home so that was a little disappointing, but we decided to knock some doors in the area anyway. Got about five or six doors in, and a young mom comes out to the door to greet us. We introduced ourselves as missionaries and said that we were sharing a message for families about God and His plan for us. She was interested in learning more and we set a time to visit her again this coming Wednesday. No mountain will stop the work of the Lord.

Things have been great here recently and I feel blessed to be apart of it. Kohoku is doing good and Elder Low is pretty much the greatest. We'll being hitting the streets hard again this week and I am excited for the adventures that lie ahead. In case you were wandering about the title of this weekly, Peponi means “paradise” in Swahili. *Shout out to Alex Boyé* The Mission is the best and I’m feeling closer to paradise than I ever have before. Keep on keeping on. 愛しています!

-Elder Sadler
Microscopic paper cranes that Elder Low made.
Sakura blooms from last year. They should be blooming soon this year.
Basketball with some homies we met just today

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Snake Eyes🐍🇯🇵💸 (Week 73)

Welcome everyone to Elder Sadler's Transfer 11 here in the Land of the Rising Sun! It’s been quite the adventure and I am excited for the times ahead. It’s strange to think how fast time flies. We got a year and a half down and only an unspecified amount of months left that we won’t talk about to go. As much as I miss everyone at home, the mission is the greatest experience of my life. I love the people, I love the gospel, and I love the Lord. Couldn’t ask for a whole lot more.
Not too much happened this past week. Just a lot of going out into the cold and talking to as many people as we can. We did have one way cool experience though this past Monday. So we had plans to meet with our homie Reb that night. The original idea was to meet up with him either at his apartment or at the church, but due to tight schedules on both ends, we ended Meeting on the second floor of the McDonalds near Haku-Raku Station. We bought some dinner and then sat down to have a good conversation about Jesus over Big Macs and some fries. The lesson ended up going really well. Never underestimate the power of the spirit. As we were sitting there talking, surrounded by other random Japanese people and the sound of Toto's “Africa” playing in the background, we were able to testify powerfully and invite Reb to be baptized. Reb doesn’t have a baptismal date yet, but he is well on his way to the Waters of Mormon. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Whether it be giving the blind their sight, guiding missionaries through Japan, or blessing the rains down in Africa. Definitely a moment I won’t forget. Other than that, we are going to the Alex Boyé/Bless 4 concert in Kichijoji tonight so I’m pretty excited! I’ll let you all know how it goes next week!
But yea, it’s been good times. Elder Low is pretty much the best I know of and I’m looking forward to doing some wolverine hunting with him after the mission. Ask me how I’m doing, I say, “blessed”. Blessed to be here in Japan and blessed to be a child of God. 愛しています!
-Elder Sadler
Not a lot of pics this week.
Our English Class here in Kohoku/Kanagawa
Our area + Fuji from a distance

Monday, January 29, 2018

Splits, Donuts, and General Authorities🌊⛩🏝 (Week 72)

皆さんこんにちは! It’s been another adventurous week in the Land of the Rising Sun. And I might add, a cold adventure in a land where there seems to be a lack of heat from the Sun. Now you might recall my complaints in last week's email about the cold temperatures, but let me tell you, they were nothing compared to this week. We got snow last Monday, and it was a blast. Being from Alabama, it was probably the most snow I have ever seen. Somewhere between six and eight inches. There were lots of snow shoveling service opportunities, lol. Now here’s the rough part: the day after the snow, it got pretty warm so a lot of the snow melted pretty quick. So picture this, someone took a slushy and poured it literally everywhere, and then the temperature drops straight to 0 degrees Celsius. So now, there is just ice everywhere and the traffic has been insane. That’s what this past week has consisted of.

Despite the freezing temperatures though, we have been able to get out this week and see a lot of miracles. The first was on Wednesday, when we had the opportunity to go on splits with our 愛する Zone Leaders. Elder Gilbert and I got to go and teach our investigator and my good friend Reb in his home. We taught the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read 2 Nephi 31. There was some powerful testimony and the spirit was so strong. Reb was starting to get pretty emotional at the end and it was way awesome. We will be meeting with Reb again tonight and going with him to the Alex Boyé/Bless 4 concert coming up in Kichijoji next Monday. Good things are happening. The next experience, happened at Mr. Donuts. In reality, not a whole lot happened. In Japan, it is customary to bring a gift when you visit someone in their home, and so in order to express our gratitude and “sugar up” our recently found potential investigator, Kudo San, we bought some donuts and and tried to pay him a visit. Long story short, he wasn’t home so we ate the donuts for breakfast and we will try to visit Kudo San again this week.

And finally, experience number three this week was with one of the Asia North General Authorities, Elder Choi (pronounced like Chay (its Korean)). So this past Sunday, we had the privilege of hearing from Elder and Sister Choi in the Kohoku/Kanagawa Wards. There were a lot of things discussed, but I’ll just share one of the highlights. Elder Choi shared with us about how when he was young, he always wanted to be a General in the Army. As he grew up and walked down the wonderful path of life that all of us experience, he realized that the Lord had other plans for him as he was called to be a leader in the church and now a General Authority. When he was called, he was telling a friend of his dreams as a young lad and how he fantasized about become a General. Upon hearing this, his friend said, “Elder Choi, not only have you become a General, but the Lord has added authority to it! Can you not see the Lord's hand working in your life?” Even though we don’t always see it, the Lord’s hand is always working in our lives. He is watching us and guiding us as we traverse the pathways of life. I have seen that in my mission and I have seen that in my life. The Church is true!

It’s been a good week. We got transfer Calls today and Elder Low and I will be staying together here in Kohoku. I’m excited to continue working with him and see miracles together. Living and loving the mission. Hope everyone else has a good week as well! Until next time, 愛しています! また愛する同胞よ。

-Elder Sadler
Snow last week
Snow last week
Elder Low makes Okonomiyaki
Zone Conference
Last time hanging out with the zone
Customized business card